Management Events
General Rules :
  • Entry Fees per team : ₹100/-
  • One Team Per College
  • Maximum 10 Players Each Team
    Minimum 6 Players
Head :

Vivek More

Contact No:


No. of players :

2 members per team

Task :

solve the quiz questions in the given period of time

To be provided:

1) pen 2) quiz question paper

Time Allotted:

15 minutes

No. of questions:



J1 classroom, 1st floor, BMS Dept

Personal Interview
No. of Participants

2 Members per team

Time Limit :

  • 5 to 10 mins (minimum)
  • 15 min (maximum)


J1 classroom, 1st floor, BMS Dept

Situational Analysis
No. of participants

3 members per team


Topic would be given on the spot.

Time Allotted :

20 minutes


J1 classroom, 1st floor, BMS Dept

Panel Discussion
No. of Participants

3 Per Team


There will be a Panel of 3 Faculties in this event and all the teams will be actively involved in the panel discussion at the same time .A topic will be given for the discussion and one by one from each team will put there point in front of the panellist for the given topic.

There will be 2 rounds :

1) In 1st round the teams which succeeds to impress the panellist will go to the next round.
2) In the 2nd round discussion will be on a new topic and the team which succeeds to impress panelist with their point will win it.


J1 classroom, 1st floor, BMS Dept